Our Work

These are some of the things we do…

  • DC-lead for over $500 million loan guarantee award to PHEV company: co-wrote loan application, identified and helped negotiate state funding and incentives package, assisted in project siting.


  • Represented a $450 million CCS grant recipient before Congress and the Department of Energy.


  • Our successful legislative strategy led to a low-carbon project developer obtaining almost $200 million in tax credits-that otherwise would not have existed-through Congressional support.


  • Identified and negotiated state funding in the form of a $100 million state manufacturing tax credit for a battery company.


  • Secured $25 million in state funding grants for a manufacturing project.


  • Represented a $25 million geothermal grant recipient before the Departments of Energy and Agriculture.


  • Managed process and co-wrote the grant application for a Demand Response client to obtain a $3.6 million award from the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy, at the Department of Energy. Less than 2% of applicants were selected for awards.


  •  Paired an innovative energy efficiency company with a global hotel chain for purposes of product development and sales.


  • Expedited federal permitting for a clean energy grant recipient by enlisting Congressional support.


  • Successfully assisted a renewable project developer with small business contracts at the Department of Defense.